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The site covers family trees of various families connected with the village of Brotherton, Yorkshire; mainly during the 18th and 19th centuries. I have said simply Yorkshire because the divisions or ridings of the county have varied over time. Today it is part of North Yorkshire but that is a relatively recent change and in the period covered by these family histories it was very much part of West Yorkshire. And despite these changes in county it has, most times, been part of the Pontefract district for any birth, marriage or death registrations. Location map on Google>> | Location map on MultiMap>> | Location map on StreetMap>>

Most of these family lines have not been researched in detail but have been loaded onto the Internet to help other researchers. The information has been collected while tracing my own Townsley family through the village records. If you find your family here and have any changes then see the additions or corrections page.

There is still much that needs to be done on the Brotherton families - with more pages to be added covering family trees, photographs and archives - given enough spare time! Much of what I have collected has been through the work of other researchers; many of whom have shared their results on the web. Thanks to them all.

There is also a demand for more info about Brotherton village and its people - both past and present. So if any authors of Brotherton local history would be happy to have their works published here then could they please get it touch.

As at January 2013 around 6,700 names had been found in the historic records for Brotherton and included in this database. By now the total should be over 7,000.

Hope that you find something helpful to your research
Brian Townsley


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